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해외 뮤직 라이브러리들의 사용사례와 다양한 소식들을 접할 수 있습니다.
FELT - New Releases
Keywords: Indie Rock, Christmas, Funky, Pop Reggaeton

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Rave Revival
A cool, suave selection of alternative indie rock, heavily lead with gritty vocals with an overall dirty soul rock nature.
  • Groovy and gritty
  • Upbeat
  • Male vocals


A rich and magical collection of Christmas-infused orchestral cues.
  • Warm and majestic
  • Nostalgic and cosy
  • Sweeping orchestral 

Traditional Christmas
  • Adult acapella
  • Choral arrangements
  • Christmas classics
  • Hybrid orchestral
  • Building emotion
  • Uplifting
Set The Trend
  • Alternative Indie disco 
  • Fun and pumping
  • Funky and energetic
Pop Reggaeton
  • Commercial style Reggaeton
  • Summary and uplifting
  • Cool energy